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Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday, Sept 25, 2017, 11:40

Trump continues to goad the un hinged leader of NK.

12:32pm I wonderif THE GENERALS are paying attention.

I can see one or more of them going to Trump with gun in hand.
Placing the barrel up to his head, and saying.
You can resign now, go back to your old life, fortune and family.
Yhe alternative is that I pull the trigger, and you are out of  office.

We have committed our fortune, our lives, and our SACRED HONOR
to protecting the people and onstitution of the United States of America.
We know where we stand. You must decide : Do I go or do I GO!


12:51pm Time to do some walking and clear my head!

1:01pm I am exhausted.I ache everywhere. I can only do two.
I am afraid of what I see ahead. I fear for my country, our country,
my family, your family, our world.

that gets us.

Then there are the secondary and tertiary effects.

;09 pm Bob is here.  Time to go out and smell the flowers.

14:24 Bob's visit is over I am back in my room. Joe and I have a new roommate. Gary, a black man.

Bob's mother died two weeks ago. And it was recently one year ago that his father died.There was a ceremony to remember him.  In a year  his mother will be remembered in a similar way.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017, 7:01am

My stroke has made me forget a small swarm of small things.   Like now I have to start a new post
because I cant remember how to append to the last one.

Bills story reminds me of the boss who would take code listings to football games and work on the listings while watching the game. In the football case it was code for the nuclear missles on submarines. Code that would guide the missle to its target.

14 Broadway, Somerville; 6:30 today.give me a ride and you are welcome to attend.
welcome even if you cant give me a ride. Currently at WHCC, 617-924-1130.

Mt Vernon Restaurant  is 4 miles from here, 59 Coolidge Hill Road.

Back to ICBM experiences:

One day at TBCM RUSSELL SITES BROUGHT A GYROSCOPE it had a label with the word KIEV 
engraved on it. I guess that would mean it was targeted for the Russian city..

RS wanted to build his own ICBM.  He found a place in Taunton where he bought recycled ICBM  partsThe really hard part was getting the Uranium:

My roommate here, Joe Raia always likes to remind me that he worked for many years at the Boston Naval
Shipyard reconditioning submarines, including nuclears like the Nautilus.
14:29, time to publish.

15:32 email to Wolfgang: I have been out of physics for a very long time.  I have such big problems just using my Mac that understanding any of the ideas about time are currently
completely out of my reach.

However, my friends, the Jovians tell me that once you control time you
controll everything.That is, "The Time Machine" has been actualized.  It exists.
It is real.  It can be used.  That is what they seem to be telling me.

Even the long vanished Martians use of thin layers of time will have no
consequences for them.

Time travel in our world can have consequences for our future. But again they tell me there are ways to minimize consequences.  But again, beyond me.  I am
in a not so good place at the moment.

Bill Rosenfeld 94th birthday party, Mt Vernon Restaurant, 14 Broadway, Somerville MA 02145
4 miles from WHCC 6:30PM; GAVE JOHN BABINGTON $100 9/16/17, JB: 617-999-6062, BILL: 617-855-4911

MET NANCY HUGGINS, father is Charles B Huggins, Nobel Prize in Medicine

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017, 6:14am

Kwajalein  Island, way out in the is one place where my friend 

Bill Rosenfeld (celebrating his 94th Birthday today) worked on the original 

anti-ballistic missle system.  His physics education enabled him to

do the math for the phased array radar that would trackmissles headed for the US.
There's more.
His 94th BDAY party is at 6:30pm today. 14 Broadway, Somerville MA, Mt Vernon Restaurant, 4 miles from WHCC.  6:33AM


Did Bill get his PHD at Uof WY or U of Chicago. Where he also worked on the first atomic pile under the football stadium.

I remember his wrting Fortran code for the radar system on a CDC 6600 series computer.

He liked the code editor. The math was way beyond me.

6:42am Joe is up and headed for the bathroom.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 16:12

 To an extent that we ourselves are only beginning to appreciate, most people at work, even in high-performing organizations, divert considerable energy every day to a second job that no one has hired them to do: preserving their reputations, putting their best selves forward, and hiding their inadequacies from others and themselves. We believe this is the single biggest cause of wasted resources in nearly every company today.

Robert Kegan

18:58 DPRK at UN going after Trump and US.  Going out to do some walking.

19:37 finished either 12 or 14 back and forths.  Lost count.  Sweating.

19:58 Still no ride to Bill's 94th birthday party Sept 24, 2017, Somerville MA
          14 Broadway, Mt Vernon Restaurant, 6:30pm
           , Pay for your dinner and a fraction of Bill's bill.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday, Sept 22, 2017, 6:21am

Last night, just before going to bed, a new first.

I was walking with my quadcane.
I picked up the cane. It was not touching the floor.

Then, very carefully, very slowly, I took six steps, three with each foot/leg.

left-right, left-right, left-right.

Only six steps. No more, rhen used the cane for support.

 A new first for me.

End of that first.

Went to bed.

6:28am  Now up and about.

10:14 Things are heating up re: NK

Can we look forward to calling on Matt Damon to help NK DEFEAT the US.

HE MAY BE THE WRONG GUY  for NK to call on in this case, Is Affleck available?

11:07 Marci said she would put socks on my feet after I got back to my room.

No sign of Marci So I will put new socks  on me by myswlf.

11:27 am and my socks zre on.

15:48Joe thinks Maria coming. Me too.

17:01 and my foot slips off the left support. Anyway the ship I bet $1 with Ron for will likely be made from metallic hydrogen. I will google to see if anyone has made some.

Joe is readin National Geographic abot two men hunting Jaguars in the nude. I ask to see the pictures
and discover two native pictures hunting something;one with a spear and the other with a shotgun?.
We are waiting for dinner. He mentions an as yet unnamed species of bird.  I did not recognize it. But somebody will come up with the two part name. "greenish-orangish South Americus" or something something.

19:21back from 10 times up and down. did 8 yesterday. No bowel movement urge at the moment. Time to bruh my teeth.

19:41 finished brushing my teeth.Still no big BM urge.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ron unexpectedly shows up, leaves at16:45 to meet Cynthia at the airport. She's returning from Houston and a breast cancer scare. He's meeting her with a dozen roses. tomorrow they head north. I
ask if they will visit my Cynthia. No, farther north than they are going. I've spent the day in constipation pain. I tell him my history with it and my grandma's enema cure. Completely successful every time.I hope he stays in the area and we have a chance to walk aroundFPR one more time. He was here for Hurricane Irene on October 28, 2011.  I walked him through the photos. He was in several. Hurricane Sandy came a year and a day later in 2012. I'd like to walk after the tail end of Maria visits us, or maybe the CAT 6 I think will get here before the end of October.

News reort says Maria is gaining strength.

20:22 Thought Experiments :

a bowel movement after dinner
1-2 feet long, lmost 2 inches in diameter.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday Sept 20, 2017 17:10

Joe doesnt remember  when I started walking today, maybe 5:30
But I walked the corridor to the window 8 times .
Out the door , turn right, down to the window, counts for 1, then back to my room for a turnatound, that's two,and so it goes for 6 more. On starting 8 I can see the food cart. time to eat. dinner will be on my table shortly.
18:17 dinner over. Joe turns the tv off. He is probably out for the night.

I have just spoken to David, a real estate agent who elped me and Cynthia buy and sell two homes.
I am trying to help Gina and Marci, two CNAs here find better housung situations.

HomeStart 617-542-0338 is the best place for them to start.

20:05, just back from walking two hallways,leaving to do at least two more.

20:14 did two more.Jonah says I am done walking for the night. He likely will be here shortyly with my meds for the evening.
20:18 back from my meds by Jonas Dugue (pronounced DO GAY).

Did 50 squats at the toilet bar earlier today.

21:02brushed my teeth.Had a bowell movement urge. Sat on the toilet. Seemed to be a false alarm.

time to Shut down and go to bed.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 15:54pm

It is amazing how fast people learn when they are not insulated from the consequences of their decisions. 

Thomas Sowell

17:53pm Looks like the poers to be are waiting for me to be dead brfore getting me out if here. At least I will avoid the coming catastrophe. Not so lucky for  my family.

Makes me think of that Doris Day song.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 7:43am, 2017

The Secret Power of Play:

Watching facethe nation with Joe, and their story about the Ken Nurbs Vietnam War doc.

Premonitions about the coming US/NK war.

Begins with cruise missles trying to take ot every NK MISSLE AND LAUNCHER.
They cant get them all.No nukes set off yet. But the US may have launched some.

They are specialized bunker busters which penetrate deeply into the ground AND survive.They can then be used at some point but are relatively unfindable/retrieveable by NK.

launced spy plane?

More to follow...

7:21pm  japan a bit worried. Do they think Japan is a player?
Meanwhile back at the borderYhe N & S assets are getting exercised. Seoul is burning
SK assets fully engaged.

7:24pm If no nukes used yet then its a win for Trump.
The good old US of A will immediatly need a manufacturing rennasaunce
even if NK does get a couple nukes to the US.



Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cassini died in Saturn's atmosphere at either 6;31am EST OR 7:55am EST  depending on two summaries I've read.

Joe and I were looking for ward to a 7pm special Joe saw a reference to on tv. We missed it.

My pal RonB visited for a second time today. I look forward to a Monday visit.

My remote viewing shows me tall slim towers rising from the surface to great heights.
their function/purpose I have no idea.

While in the third grade at Sunset Elementary School in Cody I wrote my first stories about the alien species I imagined to be living on Jupiter: The Javonians/Jovians. I even dre simple diagrams of the
species and their evolution from Centipede like creatures to a form similar to humans.

More to follow when I manage to overcome my own very local constipation pain and other
difficulties with my current circumstances. Ron saw me walking with quadcane today. I am going to
ask Ron to write a short essay about his impressiom of my progress.

Premoniyions of war with North Korea.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

back Gorillaback GorillaHow to compare the Jovians to humans.  Has there ever been a human that could go toe to toe with a
Silverback Gorilla.  Not likely.  Think of it like a simple equation.

          Jovians/Silverback Gorilla       =         Jovians/SBG

The Jovians are are tough. They look like very stocky humans.  A bit taller than humans.Their profile
would make you think human. Then you would find yourself facing the 600 pound forilla. Not Gonna Happen.  Jovians evolved in the face of gravity, think

                          Jupiter/Earth     =    Earth/Large Asteroid

for toughness, think          Jovian/M1 tank round   = Human/spitball

        or maybe even Jovian/Backback nuke     =      Human/BB Gun

On the other hand I've not had any opportunities to try those experiments.

More another day.

Regarding Cynthia.  I woke up today thinking I have to stop those feelings of love for her, and, once again, am thinking of how to end them, how to move on. Can't do it. Still caught by my human feelings for her!  What to do? Can't make her or imagine her to do anything for me.Have to wait for her to put me in the picture.

On another front I've been reunited with another Somerville High School tshirt, blue, Has the words
There is no I in Team on the back. . Someone from the Fifth floor was wearing it.  Got the tsirt and a pair of blueish
sweatpants  with Room 514B on the idebtufying tag. I am in 403c.The tshirt owner was in 514b.
He looked like a tall thin Robin. Graying hair and a mustache.

Tamarra retrieved those two items without difficulty. Perhaps I will see him again and thank him
especially for the tshirt.That time and place, 1994 and 95 has a lot of emotional content for me.
But the 94 and 95, I think, have or soon will be reunited.

What else.Joe's blood sugar has just been measured. 142 he says.

Enough for now. Maybe more will happen later today. Or tomorrow.

6am  Enjoy Cassini again:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My old Multics pal andMIT comrade visited for his yearly visit yesterday, RB.

He promises one or more visits before moving on to New Hampshire?

Joe continues to query me about something going to Saturn.

he means, of course Cassinni and its fiery plunge into the atmosphere of
our Solar Systems most beautiful planet (the one with rings and tattoos!

Go along for the ride...

I've made two $1 bets with Ron.

          1) We discover we are not only not alone in the universe,
               but not alone in our solar system.

          2) What are the chances I will get my own private spacecraft?

     Joe has made many visits to check up on Irene, his long tme
     companion who lives on the 2nd floor.

     He goes out to the elevators where someone asks where he's going.
     they inform he he just came back from visiting her. He returns to our
     room where I ask if he saw her.I've been meaning to go down to see her,
     he says, then leaves our room and heads for the elevators...

     Could have happened 10 or more times today.

     On 911 I dream of being in one of the planes yet again.

     My escape this time comes frm making a parachute from the sheet
     covering me. Two corners of the sheet are secured via holes for
     each of my bog toes. A third corner is held with my teeth. And
     the fourth by my good right hand! As good as any of the parachutes
     I made as a 7 and 8 year old for jumping off the barn.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday Sept 9, 9:59am

inside the mind of a master procrastinator:

an end to procrastination:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

20170907 15:05

ERROR:NETWORK ERROR          Eaelier today.
Met with Ombudsmab today. Yegarding missing clothes and WHCCpolicy on donating money to Harvey rescu/restore efforts.

Hurricanes at FPR:  FLICKR.COM/RLG/TAGS/irene

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