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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Darwinian explanation for religion

Two guys, each has a wife. One guy says to the other, you will go to hell if you fuck my wife. The other agrees and doesn't fuck the first guys wife. The first guy fucks both women and increases his reproductive chances.


End of story.

Sound familiar?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Memoir About Art & Sex During The Reagan Years

I've just published my first book via

Find it here:

ALL up IN my snatch

is not the real title of the biography of General David Petraeus, written by Paula Broadwell. And you probably recognize that as a ruse to gain smacks from the information source that is everywhere all the time. So be it. I've done it. There's little you can do about it. Anyway, it seems she lost her wallet and/or contents of said wallet in a near Washington DC park some days ago.

Many of you will recognize the situation. You've gone out for a late afternoon, early evening run with a hottie. You are both getting all sweaty and pumped with adrenaline. Then you realize you're out in the woods and nobody is around. Why not, you think. There's the frantic removal of clothing, the thumping and bumping together of bodies, all in the dark, with little attention paid to the details of exactly what might be happening to your keys, wallet, underwear, etc. Then, before you know it, its over. Hurriedly getting dressed. Maybe you end up switching underwear, or some other inappropriate article of clothing because of the speed of reversing the undressing process, and, inevitably, there's something lost in the dark with little hope of finding it as you thrashed and rolled and gamboled your way away from the initial site of the original flagrante delectable... and its lost! Whatever it is.

Your Guide to the Petraeus Scandal's Cast—Now With Photos!

Here are some pictures, taken at a local park, showing the remnants of those hasty moments:


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