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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday, May 24, 2018

7:47 Sarah has just taken me to be weighed: 162.2
Minutes earlier sh took my Wheelchair to weigh it
while I sat on the toilet.

Lightning visible in the small window to the right of my computer, no thunder audible
as I watched another Netflix movie about Tibet that included their way of dying which
involves raptors consuming the bodies

.8:12 breakfast (mine) is here.

Lunch was whole/real solids and liquids.   Coughed maybe twice during lunch hour. Something
spicy in the pears.

BP=141/81  Very good numbers I'm told.

Very good day in PT. Especially with left arm by Jonah.

Almost two complete laps of the long hallway with Jonah and Carly.

But best of all is still back to regular food.

Watched another Netflix episode of Wild China focusing on the Panda and other wildlife.

14:44 Still looking for Carmen Cooper to tell her about Bill's passing.

10:08 Dinner is over. No problems eating or drinking.

Arthur begins his nightly repetitive rant hoping dog will help him.or Silvia rescues him.

Watching TALES BY LIGHT on Netflix. The work of professional photographers all
over the world.

20:54 Just had my medications before brushing the teeth.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wed May 23, 2018




Christine visited just after breakfast to explain why thickened liquids are becoming a part of my diet

.Athena was here to evaluate my body strength and ability to dress, get into and out of bed and use the toilet.

Bob Slate made his weekly visit today.  His not so good day included a colonoscopy and a Root Canal.

Sarah has just given me medication for seizure.

9pm Andre Perlgrund calls to say that at4:30pm today My old(94) and dear friend Bill Rosenfeld
died.   I first met Bill in 1966, I think, at the Cambridge Neighborhood House.

Just finished watching a Netflix about Tibet.

I continue to be not dead even with a dozen staples in my head.  Come visit and see for yourself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

7:00 up and walking down the hall.   Nurse tells me NOT NOW. Retreat. 1 Lap

8:00 Breakfast.

9:00 SHOWER by Porlein.  A+

10:30 Arrive in therapy for possible last session.

10:51 BP=126/93


Last session with Emily.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 12:06

12:00 BP=125/81



Just spoke with Emily who says I will get another two weeks of daily walking therapy to make sure I don't have another fall and crack my head open yet again.

12:12 Sarah has just given me my medications in applesauce, right after taking my vitals.

Ben has just brought Arthur his lunch. Mine will be here shortly. Maude beat Ben to the punch and brought my lunch in.

13:11 just finished lunch. Ben said he could help me with a shower afterward. 

13:09 Kleder Martins is here from housekeeping to inspect for mice and other things out of place.

Christine from food services was here earlier today to talk about diet change.

14:15 SHOWER by Victor.

Dinner tasted like dessert today.

21:48Had my medications. Brushed the teeth.Filled my bottle with ice. Don't know what happened to my pee bottles.

Time to put this day's notes to bed.  New walking therapy program starts tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

ZTuesday, May 15, 2018

11:50 50 squats in the bathroom. A vague memory of 50 at 7am.

 Large BM of about three large bananas.
Someone says my food is here.  I keep asking about my Tuesday shower. If only it were as certain as more food.

12:44  BP=146/94


Shower this evening or tomorrow by Porlein.

Steve and Nico came by to visit with sunflower seeds for the birds.

15:04 Two laps of the hallway with my quadcane.

Lottery Information

15:53 POWER BALL Season Ticket Confirmation

       #:  01-18-32-47-59     03

Effective Date: 6/3/18

Control # P034900

Expiration Date: 12/2/18

16:57 Just talked to my little brother Carl. In the 13th year of his recovery from a hunting accident.

19:50 Just finished two more laps of the hallway.

Time to brush my teeth.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 13, 2018

12:02 small BM this morning. A SHOWER b a relatively new young woman here.

All the time feeling constipated and the urge to vomit.

Lunch is here. Too full from breakfast to eat much.

Having an apple.

Boston study shows it is possible to reverse aging in mice.

Look into this if you happen to be a mouse.

15:17 Watching a couple of David Letterman's unique new interview series: JAY-Z and Malala.

Watching a Netflix series about the colonization of the Pacific Ocean Islands by people, plants, animals?

29:00 BP=156/101


Spent much of the evening watching David Letterman's Netflix series and a nature program about the Pacific Ocean, fabulous for both.

Didn't realize how late it was, between Netflix and reading political news.

Phone is not working. It seems to be telling me that two other devices are logged into my account.

Any readers have comments about that? Or know Verizon numbers to call?

00:12 just did 50 squats in the bathroom.

I wasn't allowed to do any walking on the floor today as the nursing staff did not rxpclitely  know if I was allowed. So I walked a bit in my room., matbe 5 minutes.

Time to brush my teeth.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

10:35 Small but painless BMs at 2:30 and 10:39 this morning

No Blood Pressure measurements yet.

12:00  BP=146/98


Lunch is here, courtesy of Justin, Fernando, and others.

16:10 The sound of children screaming in pain coming from the hallway yet again.

16:23 Just started my apple for the day.

17:51 finished supper.  Got a phone call from my niece Laen/Mitzee.

20:42 just finished watching the 2bd half of a 2 prat Netflix series on elephant migration.

21:25 Seemed like 50-100 people just entered the building Code Alert for each person.

Took 2 melatonin. roommates are quiet and asleep. Maybe a night of undisturbed sleep.
Teeth brushed. Water bottle full of ice.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018, 9:36

9:01comfortable BM. water was murky/clouded so I have no info on size or length.

Breakfast is over.

No SHOWER on Tuesday. No wash or change of clothes since Monday.

9:09 started my daily apple.

Notes from  yesterday's MAH visit.

2:20pm about to leave for My MT Auburn Hospital appointmentAKA MAH.

Shakura is my ambulance driver. Elsie's Cousin is my official escort.
2:59 filled out acceptance form at MAH. Sneezed, blew my nose.

3:06 EC gives me the rest of her bag of roasted mixed nuts.

Tanisha takes vitals, etc.

Allergies to med? none known.
Finished EC's nuts.
3:24 EC shirt: Pinnie the Wooh!
3:28 Vitals
Back to the interminable waiting room with EC.  Tanisha jguytggghi7t6744wrchv,[uy  me.
3:42 I tell EC about how Linda and I would try to have simultaneous orgasms.   Nobody else was
ever that good.

10:45  Today's vitals, post-apple.



EC refers to that kind of nasty talk as THE DISEASE. She knows it because she has brothers.
On the other hand, where I have four fingers and a thumb.  She doesn't ask me to stop.
So I don't. I continue with continuous commentary on all the attractive young women
entering and leaving the building.   Still no request to stop.

Finally make it to Dr Greg Lipshutz offce for interview and simple neurological tests.
I get to see images of the inside of my brain. A golfball-sized hole, likely filled with fluid.


11:30 SHOWER by Feksdu Gaye. Wants to study medicine.

Excellent supper.

Wednesday, May,9,2018

22:25Tues WEIGHT=166.2

12:50  BP=145/93


4:00 large BM in hallway bathroom, some strain but no pain.

12:00 Steve & Nico visit with a big bag of goodies, but not from TJ's.

I showed Steve & Nico the FPR tornado photos:

17:59 back from Mt Auburn Hosp.

Lots of notes to transcribe.

Tronald Dump is in for another difficult week.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

6:00 50 squats in the bathroom. Attempted BM. Nothing.

Put om sound deadening headphones last night to remove the screamer.

Also playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata OR music calms the savage beast, perhaps a bit too loud
causing a staff member to pull the plug, turning it off. So the headphones were left with the easier job of drowning out just the screamer.  Eventually, he exhausted himself. Finally THE JOY OF SLEEP.
Back to bed till breakfast at 8.

Watched the latest episode of 60 minutes last night.

Great piece about a 72-year-old nature photographer who has 
been nearly everywhere to photograph some amazing animal situations.
Well worth the time.

6:42 FEMALE Cardinal outside my window.

10:04 Starting on my last apple.

10:18 Blood Pressure time, also one-third into my Apple a Day.



I'm hearing what sounds like a child screaming in pain again.

 Discussion with CNA about when to take my Tuesday shower. I prefer late afternoon after possible Physical therapy.

Just got a new ID bracelet. Head nurse says my MT AUBURN HOSPITAL VISIT IS ON  for tomorrow.

Wasted ambulance trip last time.  I hope I am not being charged for it.  Could be   $500-700.

Noon, approximately, a beautiful young woman,  Stephanie Cox, from New England Geratrics ( comes to my room to interview me. This immediately makes me
feel like a GEEZER rather than the 19-25 year old that I imagine myself to be and feel like.

If you are a regular reader of this blog You are welcome to come visit me as I recover from a stroke.

You are also welcome to buy me things from time to time, from Amazon.

At the moment I could use about a dozen Forever stamps.They can be mailed to me. Don't everyone
send me a dozen stamps. Email if you would like to make that gift in exchange
for reading this scintillating blog.

18:19 Just finished supper. Is it my imagination or is fernando experimenting with the menu? I will have to ask.

A tickle of a time charring with IO this evening.

Both roommates seem to be asleep.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday, May 4, 2018

15:07 AC unit finally in room 306Carlos finally got it working perfectly.

Woke up very early, all wet. back itching like crazy.

Shower, clean clothes.

Breakfast, then an ambulance to Mt Auburn Hospital.

Appointment with a neurologist. I suspect the staff here thinks I might need my head/brain examined.

I think many others agree.

Then to MAH But then right back to WHCC. as my actual appointment is next Wednesday.

Lunch meatloaf, potato, squash, I think.
Carlos connects AC unit to tthe he window.

Sylvia and Lauren show up to visit Arthur.

Gotpermission to go downstairs to visit Justin. He lost the information for his son Joseph. Gone for the day so I visited Fernando who was using his laminator.He uses it to seal regular paper so it won't get wet.  I need one of those.Then back upstairs to see if Dan has returned my phone
17:03 Blod Pressure and Pulse.



Both taken early this morning about 10am, I thought earlier.That's all she wrote.

21:57 time to brush the teeth.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018, Part 2

14:57 just back from PT with Carly. A good Session especially practicing my
balance, first with eyes open for 30 seconds, then closed for 30 seconds, always
trying to stand tall and straight. The other big development was walking 4 laps after finishing two.Bob Slate came by for his weekly one hour visit. We discussed avoiding conflict with my schedule for therapy. So next WednesdayBob will come at one and Carly will schedule me
for therapy at 2pm.
17:56 Just finished supper.

Interesting medical story:

The roommates have calmed down. They may even be asleep.

21:12 spent some time talking to Fernando about selling heirloom beans locally. 

More info here:

Listening to Mozart for babies:

21:48 The shouter/yeller is running full speed at the moment.

Two cups of ice for the evening. I'll go for two doses of Melatonin in a few minutes.

Time to brush the teeth.  Another cup of ice.

Wednesday, May3, 2018


Ate an apple during the night.

7:53 Up and about waiting for breakfast.

Reasonably sized BM moments ago.

Still feeling like I am full of shit!

See all the dead things on my flicker site

8:17 my breakfast is here. Excuse me for a couple minutes.

9:04Blood Pressure machine and Sarah are here.

9:05 BP=139/82


9:28 finished taking BP

11:15  All photos & videos on my phone are now on my Google drive.

12:19 50 squats in the hall bathroom.

Carly wants me in PT  AT 1:15.


Long chat with Fernando about heritage beans from Mexico. There was a page of images. He recognized some of them from his youth.  I've told him a number of times that he can start a restaurant or other time of food business using these ancient food sources.

Leaving for PT in about 15 minutes.  Brush my teeth first.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

7:36 Up and about. Large comfortable BM.

The grass has growed,
The Sun has rize,
I wonder where the birdies is?

No ice.

Breakfast around 8.

Will I ever get back to my old running gait?

8:15 Latest lottery ticket:

Just put more Sunflower seeds out for the birds.

9:03 finished with breakfast.

10:02 Blood Pressure before my apple



Pulse seems a bit high, but then I have been trundling about in my wheelchair using both legs.

Carly tells me I am scheduled for Physical Therapy at 11:30.

Working on the apple...

The birdies is here squabbling over sunflower seeds.

10:23 Finished my apple and about to brush my teeth.

10:44 I am again hearing the sound of young children crying/screaming in pain.,201012:49 Finished with lunch and back from PT.
Carly added a dog leg to make walking each lap longer. Did the equivalent of 2.5 laps. Then walk into the elevator, 3rd floor, walk to my room where lunch is waiting.

Just before going down to PT a BM, about the size and shape of an uncurved peeled banana but not white.
A new minor development today. With my left ha/nd/arm I reached across my chest
and was able to scratch an itch on my upper right arm.


15:55 Just Weighed= 164.0 pounds

Just finished reading an incredible story

ExCIA agent becomes a police officer in the Savannah Georgia neighborhood where he grew up.


17:28 just finished a shower. Supper is late. Time to shave.

17:58 Supper is done with. Birds have nearly picked my windowsill clean.
Time to give them some supper.  Birds fed.

New rolled up washclothe in my left hand to keep the finger from contracting.

Made a funny mistake while editing on flivker today.

I kept asking to see all my videos made in the year,1010. 56 years after that: 1066
relatives from both sides of my family were at
normandy preparing to invade England. I have a genetic marker that says yes.

In any case I was not making videos in 1010.

The flicker search I meant to do was:,2010. 

What I tried to do was:,1010

Off by a thousand, but less than a billionth of a second in terms of all the time that
has occurred so far.  Yup, WAY off.Anyway, back on track.

19:27 Time to hang up the mouse. Both roommates yelling and or screechimg.

20:00 50 squats in the hall bathroom. Doing a little walking with my quadcane.

20:22 From out of the blue comes the movie Seven days in May;postID=8112917842720029591;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link

22:12 Too much Bill Mahr New Rules

Time to brush the teeth.

Just saw a mouse run from the hallway into my room.

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