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Friday, October 7, 2016

In today's New Yorker cartoon, God asks for an October surprise

In the 3rd grade, after moving off the farm and to the thriving metropolis of Cody, Wyoming, I started writing science fiction stories about Jupiter and the creatures who lived there. We are fragile wispy creatures compared to them.

     Mrs Hodson, my Burlington, Wyoming, first grade teacher began my science education and imagination with this: M VEM J SUN P


     And I never forgot it.

Over the years I've had snatches, wisps of dreams, fantasies that those people/creatures were friends of mine and watching over me. I have my imagination and you have yours.  May your friends be as good to you as my friends have been to me.

     Will we get an October surprise as indicated by the above cartoon. It could happen. there's still time
     Imagine however the problems presented to anti-immigrant  policies or the difficulty religious people will have coping with our new neighbors.In Yellowstone Park single-celled organisms have evolved to resist being cooked, and they use the same 4 instructions


used to make up every living creature on this planet

The US has sent 8 missions to Jupiter:

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