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Monday, November 6, 2017

Mon,Nov6. 201718:38pm

Walked up and down the hall 10 times, went to the toileteithout my wheelchair. First time for this is a a new milestonefor me. Then , once on the toilet I did 50 squats resting before and after. Then,in myWC to Jonas for my medications. Now back here yo write about today's doings, then to bed. Perchance to sleep and whatever else he said. Mozart is in the background. I ask my roommates if it is ok to leave the music on. They both say yes.I have added Moonlight Sonata and Clair de Lune to the playlist. Time to brush my teeth and go to bed.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sat, Oct 28, 2017, 15:30 pm

The Fly:

Steve and Nico visited today.  Seemed like the first time in weeks.
They left us blueberries, Cacao, and medley berries.

About to have a BM. Will be away shortly!False alarm.

Just eatched an Ethan Bortnivk NHPBS concert. Not qyiye 17 musical prodigy
who started playing piano at 3 years old.

Also does a great Frank Sinatra: Fly Me To The Moon.

Now 2 hours of Beeyhronens Moonlight Sonata.
Not to be confused with Frank Sinatra.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 6:53am

DONT KNOW IF THEY TOLD YOU but I was at Mt Auburn Hospital Sat &Sun.
Apparently I blacked out . MAB hooked me up to all sorts of equipment for two days,
MAH is a comic book version of a hospital.Ruth just came in to say hello and to
tell me the staff found me with my head down and unconscioys. I came to in the 
ambulance on the way to the hospital. The staff and everything else about the place made me think I'd stepped into a comic book version of a hospital, especially the staff. The food menu made me think I was 
at the Harvest Restaurant. I seemed to be continuously hooked up to monitoring equipment.
All the sensors were stichy and made it seem like I was at a hair-removal salon. The staff
would have liiked right at home at a science fiction or comic convention. Yhe ride back was with two amusung ambylance drivers. From the weather report CA appears to be on fire. Hope Cheyenne & family are ok.
Back at WHCC and conscious. The bed and telephone were a joke at MAH. Glad to be back with a staff that
cares about me or gives me the impression they do. Dont think I learned a single staff member
name at MAH. And that god-awful bed. A torture instrument. more later. I am imagining the
bill with hundred of itemized entries. There was a bill from MAH on my return for $12.74 cents.
 I imagine they billed the govy for everything else. Woke up at 4:30am as per my Navy SEAL training
regimen. 6:50am.  Finally awake enough to try some walking.

GO FUND ME for books and calendars
CafePress for tshirts

6:56am CNA comrs in looking in bathroom for Gary. He's not there.shit! she yells, running out calling ruth!
RUTH! RUTH! Gart is back. He went downstairs to get his hiir cut Nobody there, He came back.
CNA hasn't come back, She's back. Gary explains. She leaves. Gkad he's back.Goes out. Gary
goes back yo bed. Me too. 7:51am.

joe is here to use toilet. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

4:30am up and online as per my Navy Seal training regimen

Washed by Kethely, followed by shaving.

8:56am and breakfast is over. Time to do some walking.

9:05 back from 2 laps. Once up the hall and once back.

30 days of time-lapse aboard a world circling cargo ship:

9:30am A reasonable bowell Movement minutes ago. Brushed my teeth. Will start looking for info about the brain for Gary. There are pictures, articles, videos, but his interest evaporates almost instantly.

Just spent an hour plus with Arra Avakian, friend and Intermetrics comrade. We last had contact when Cheyenne was still an infant. He and Susan were two people who helped keep me from falling
completely apart.They have two children, sons, and several grandchildren. I hope to see more of them in the future.

14:54 The research is clear: gun control saves lives:

15:48 The Remix Strategy

     How to create viral content and attract thousands of raving fans

          video #1:        
          video #2:
          video #3:
          video #4:

18:12 Dinner is over. Time to go do some walking

18:30 6 laps today. and I have started counting all my steps. Over100 for each down and back.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wed, Oct 4, 2017, 6:49

100 Images from Casinni:

8:11 Just washed by ?, shaved, waiting for breakfast

8:2813:04 finished with lunch,
Like most Americans waiting for shots to be fired and,
hopefully, figure out the best direction to hobble!

14:44 just bqck from peeing, standing up, using my quadcane to get there.
time to do some walking...

14:58 back from two laps. Focusing on my weak leg makes me tired after 2 laps.

Study suggests those who miss breakfast have a greater buildup of fatty material in their arteries, likely to be down to indirectly linked lifestyle effects

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017, 9:19am

Listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Fall

Noise in the hallway intrudes, someone wants to go down stairs.

The sound of running waterin the sink.

Emma is here to remove our garbageGary, our newest roommate prepares to leave.

He's going home to his brother and father.

9:25 still Fall in the four Seasons.

9:26Winter has arrived in the Four Seasons.

The Violins are quiet for a few moments. Then they grow faster.
They bring a chill down my spine.

Code Word, First Floor, East Entrance, by the conference Room

People are recorded as entering AND/OR leaving the building

blares out over the loudspeakers that everyone in the building can hear.

Someone, enters the bathroom, the door to which is directly behind me.

Its Gary, still preparing to leave.

9:38, Vivaldi ends.

I ask the others if they want more music, suggesting Bach

9:39 9:40am The Best Relaxing Classical Music Ever By Bach - Relaxation Meditation Focus Reading

Joe says it is 20 minutes of ten.

Joe says: it is Monday the 2nd.

In the far corner of my right eye I see birds outside our 4th floor window

come to eat the bread we put out for them.Starlings, I think.

9:44, the spirit and tempo of Bach has picked up considerably.

But still relaxingeven as I hear Joe groaning in the background behind me.

The spirit of Bach changes as the tempo continues.

Joe continues his conversation with someone or maybe himself.

My vision and attention is focused on my keyboard.

Joe talks time, medicine.

Bach changes mood at 9:50.

Joe repeats his family history of his two beautuful daughters. 

To myself alone I have to say: NO! They are not beautiful women

but they are not ugly either. They are ordinary looking.

But they are more beautiful than any women I have ever known

because of the frquency of their visits and the small things they

always bring us to remind us ofthe ordinary life of people not

bound to a place like this.

9:58 Bach transforms again.

My attention has been pulled away by the arrival of a piece of mail.

Probably a bill.

Bach's mood changes again.

Joe says yet again that he would rather be working, remarking that he

is not making any money here.

My mail is a bill as my one hand and teeth free it from its container.

Joe shows me a postcard from Yvonne who is visiting family

relatives in Italy.

Yvonne writes:

Hi Dad & Irene!
I'm having a wonderful
time in Italy. It is
great to re-new my
relationship with my
cousins, aunt and uncle.
Thry send their best
regards! Love you &see
you soon. Love. Yvonne.
P.S. say Hi! to Richard!

10:18 Bach tempo and volume has picked up considerably.


No matter her time, place or distance away she has us in mind.

I return the postcard to Joe.

Back to my real world.
Time to do some walking.
10:39 and back in my wheelchair after two laps.
Right leg tired. But a qualatative difference in the
feel of picking up and moving the left foot forward.
Thinking about any of the Marathons I ran
and never paying as much attention to running
the whole ditance.  Still at a loss for words to
describe the sensation.

11:04 and the CNA has finished washing me.
Time to see who called me!

14:39 back from an hour outside with Bob Slate, my once a week
volunteer who takes me outside to the patio for an hour a week.
On Mondays. We talked briefly about the latest mass murder in
Las Vegas., space travel, Saturn NASA mission, flat Earthers, etc.

14:49 time to do some walking.
14:57 back from two laps, one up, one down.

15:12 off again for two more, if not more.
15:24 2 up, 2 down total of four.

16:48 laps got interrupted by call for weight: 169.6 lbs
Joe begins his daily countdown to food, which typically occurs three times a day.

18:01 dinner is over. Time for some walking.
18:13 just did four laps

Failed to mention a large and difficult Bowel Movement yesterday afternoon.
Nothing today, yet.

Comment about the latest mass killing: WHITE GUYS GOTTA SHOOT!
The rest of us get to be bullet stoppers.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday, Oct1,2017, 18:29

More tough talking from two of the world's mad rocket kids.

Joe watching a multi hour special on all the ways the Earth is going to hell.
hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, on and on.

A thought about the huge quantities of water being moved around and
falling on the edges of tectonic plates. Also a great lubricant.

The healing power of nature:

21:28 Ron tells me to read this: often. Will do

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday, Sept 25, 2017, 11:40

Trump continues to goad the un hinged leader of NK.

12:32pm I wonderif THE GENERALS are paying attention.

I can see one or more of them going to Trump with gun in hand.
Placing the barrel up to his head, and saying.
You can resign now, go back to your old life, fortune and family.
Yhe alternative is that I pull the trigger, and you are out of  office.

We have committed our fortune, our lives, and our SACRED HONOR
to protecting the people and onstitution of the United States of America.
We know where we stand. You must decide : Do I go or do I GO!


12:51pm Time to do some walking and clear my head!

1:01pm I am exhausted.I ache everywhere. I can only do two.
I am afraid of what I see ahead. I fear for my country, our country,
my family, your family, our world.

that gets us.

Then there are the secondary and tertiary effects.

;09 pm Bob is here.  Time to go out and smell the flowers.

14:24 Bob's visit is over I am back in my room. Joe and I have a new roommate. Gary, a black man.

Bob's mother died two weeks ago. And it was recently one year ago that his father died.There was a ceremony to remember him.  In a year  his mother will be remembered in a similar way.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017, 7:01am

My stroke has made me forget a small swarm of small things.   Like now I have to start a new post
because I cant remember how to append to the last one.

Bills story reminds me of the boss who would take code listings to football games and work on the listings while watching the game. In the football case it was code for the nuclear missles on submarines. Code that would guide the missle to its target.

14 Broadway, Somerville; 6:30 today.give me a ride and you are welcome to attend.
welcome even if you cant give me a ride. Currently at WHCC, 617-924-1130.

Mt Vernon Restaurant  is 4 miles from here, 59 Coolidge Hill Road.

Back to ICBM experiences:

One day at TBCM RUSSELL SITES BROUGHT A GYROSCOPE it had a label with the word KIEV 
engraved on it. I guess that would mean it was targeted for the Russian city..

RS wanted to build his own ICBM.  He found a place in Taunton where he bought recycled ICBM  partsThe really hard part was getting the Uranium:

My roommate here, Joe Raia always likes to remind me that he worked for many years at the Boston Naval
Shipyard reconditioning submarines, including nuclears like the Nautilus.
14:29, time to publish.

15:32 email to Wolfgang: I have been out of physics for a very long time.  I have such big problems just using my Mac that understanding any of the ideas about time are currently
completely out of my reach.

However, my friends, the Jovians tell me that once you control time you
controll everything.That is, "The Time Machine" has been actualized.  It exists.
It is real.  It can be used.  That is what they seem to be telling me.

Even the long vanished Martians use of thin layers of time will have no
consequences for them.

Time travel in our world can have consequences for our future. But again they tell me there are ways to minimize consequences.  But again, beyond me.  I am
in a not so good place at the moment.

Bill Rosenfeld 94th birthday party, Mt Vernon Restaurant, 14 Broadway, Somerville MA 02145
4 miles from WHCC 6:30PM; GAVE JOHN BABINGTON $100 9/16/17, JB: 617-999-6062, BILL: 617-855-4911

MET NANCY HUGGINS, father is Charles B Huggins, Nobel Prize in Medicine

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017, 6:14am

Kwajalein  Island, way out in the is one place where my friend 

Bill Rosenfeld (celebrating his 94th Birthday today) worked on the original 

anti-ballistic missle system.  His physics education enabled him to

do the math for the phased array radar that would trackmissles headed for the US.
There's more.
His 94th BDAY party is at 6:30pm today. 14 Broadway, Somerville MA, Mt Vernon Restaurant, 4 miles from WHCC.  6:33AM


Did Bill get his PHD at Uof WY or U of Chicago. Where he also worked on the first atomic pile under the football stadium.

I remember his wrting Fortran code for the radar system on a CDC 6600 series computer.

He liked the code editor. The math was way beyond me.

6:42am Joe is up and headed for the bathroom.

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