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Saturday, September 17, 2016

“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.”
some people wonder why i think the iPad is a piece of shit.Below is just the beginning. dont get me started...

rantnrave:// Some great reading today... I wish I had more to say but I spent 2 hours last night trying to wrestle control of APPLE ID login, keychains, ICLOUD. If you have a lot of APPLE devices like I do and things go wrong with this, which seems to happen more often, you're spending time logging into every device you have. At this point, I'd pay APPLE to hear me out on some of their product kinks. Those small modern problems again.... No question in my mind that watching election coverage upsets me. It's a mental health hazard. I've avoided for the last 2 weeks basically. I'm better for it, but shouldn't be this way. Wondering why any sane person would run for office? Is there a tally of TV political pundits who answer the question asked vs. throw out other accusations?... Would like to read any research on how employees view reporting structure and directives vs. 20 years ago. I get this sense that some employees don't think they really work for anyone. The days when you understood that sometimes it isn't a democracy. One way or another, everything is a test... Is there a "Parents of Rich Kids..." INSTAGRAM account where they take s*** away from their kids for posting the picture in the first place?... If you're in MIAMI, check out PAULIE GEE'S. Great pizza. I invested too... Happy Birthday to OREN AVIV, ANDERS KLEMMER and CHRIS ROOKE.
- Jason Hirschhorn, curator

Jason:re your pic of GWEN S tell her i am still interested in going for a walk here: , and holding hands.

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