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Saturday, September 17, 2016

8:15 AM EDT on Saturday, September 17, 2016

I wake and the first person my eyes meet is Paula. She once worked here. both Billy and myself love this woman. Then she was gone. dont know where she came from, where she'sgoin or when she'll be back again. Makes me think of this song:

     Leaving on a jet plane

then the internet screws up and it starts to play all his sentimental songs and i fall into line become sentimental, start to cry.

That's over and things begin to feel like a normal day.

Except now my linch is taking foever to get here.

They bring me the baked beans and hotdog again. Still don't like it

Yola takes it away and looks for another alternative.

Meanwhile I could eat yhe blueberry yogurt from the previous tray.

Yola says they cook for 99 people here and do it the same for everyone.

Why not cook the fish for everyone without breading, saves cost of breading.
Not the way they do things here,

so they don't do it that way.

A surprise: Joe's daughters show up with chocolate ice cream.

I tell Yvonne my latest money making scheme that could get me millions of dollars.

The plot reads like a combination of Breaking Bad ans The Walking Dead.

Details to follow. There are always details. Like how do I get the drug dealers

to bring barrels of money to Fresh Pond Reservation golf course.

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