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Friday, September 16, 2016

3:13 PM EDT on Friday, September 16, 2016

Just finished 50 squats in the bathroom and 6 times up and down in the hallway. Enough exercise until after dinner when that regimen will be repeated.

Two mornings ago I wake up to the sound of several gunshots.  .357 Magnum would be my guess. And the wod CHUD keeps popping into my consciousness. The shots were connected to Simone and her gang for those who read TCC over the years. What a freak show. Sheriff Jeff,one of Simone's true loves. He likely shot some of the competition. Happy to be long out of that circus. Otherwise the usual night of CONNUBIAL CRAVINGS (minus the married part). Book Title, maybe, ala Cynthia's Carnal Conversations.The ringinging in my ears subsides, fear declines, there are all the usual sounds of a new day at WHCC.Breakfast will be here shortly. I hear mainly Jonah's voice, joking and laughing with other staff members.

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