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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thursday, December 10, 1981 - zucchini catchall

Yesterday, at the Lowell School office, I had to add a sentence to my course description. Sitting down, I looked at the paper for a minute, then wrote what was needed almost without hesitation. Virginia found it very clear, simple, and to the point. Dr Wedlock, the director, found my course descriptions to be just fine. He had two English teachers for parents. They were always working with him to develop his writing. He's very good for what he writes. In thinking about it, I realize how much my own has improved in the last year. Even in the last ten days it seems to have gotten better. Its much easier certainly. The last few days have come right off my fingers. Very little hesitation.

Joe has been spending lots of time with Nadine, Lotti, and Linda. He must really enjoy having the three women to himself. Linda finished his portrait last night. It was in pencil. He was sitting in a chair and had only his underwear and a pair of socks on. Also, his glasses. It was very good. He was very pleased with it. She was satisfied with what he paid her. He's going to hang it where his pool playing ladies picture is now.

The Zucchini Assembly. People keep asking me what its about. What are we going to do. Edwin is skeptical. Ann is cautious about coming. We talk about it in a restaurant. Edwin can't recognize me as being able to lead a group in any way. Sten is the only one, he tells me, and he's not here. But back to what its about. We all have the feeling of not really knowing what other people are like. What's going on inside them. I see it as a chance to have everybody we know site down and talk. A chance to unburden.

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