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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friday, July 24, 1981 - erotic phone calls

Simone and I are walking to Central Square, down Prospect Street. We are opposite the phone company. Its Don Saklad. I am carrying something and use it to hide my face from him. The people inside the phone company see me do this and break out laughing. They have probably just been given a hard time by Don. He used to be after the library. Now its the phone companies turn.

Linda stayed with me the last two nights. Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday night she found one of Simone's bras between the sheets. Thursday night I found a pair of her underwear. Last week she called me and gave me a story about her grandfather being very ill. It was not true. Only another one of the stories she makes up to get her way. The unexplainable things she will do to keep her in ones thoughts!

Message left on my answering machine at the office: I just want to blow you Richard. I can't explain how bad. I've called you before and you gave me a bar to go to, but it still don't take the anxiety I have for your penis. Please think this over. I'll promise you the best blow job you ever had.

He sounded very lost, lonely, forlorn, sad. Someone said it sounded like a woman and very upset. He's called me before. I don't know who it is. Probably some sorry fat guy who is completely afraid of women. He speaks very slowly. I have some fantasies about him coming to the office with a fun and trying to force himself on me. Then I fight back and disarm him, but not before being wounded.

Came across this article written about me, and printed in the March/April edition of Whole Life Times:

Richard Gardner is a one-man, walking-talking network. He can spout off zip codes and phone numbers of organizations all over the country - and if memory should fail, he turns to his handy computer terminal. He has collected what might well be the most extensive listing of alternative groups available - an estimated 10,000 communities, health groups, publications, etc. (not to mention considerable 'mainstream' listings).

Born on a farm in Wyoming, he describes himself as having 'grown up resisting pressures to be conventional.' He was an early convicted (and suspended-sentenced) draft resistor, and was also excommunicated from the Mormon church.

In seeking alternatives to what he terms the 'hypocritical culture,' he began carrying postcards in his shirt pocket, so as to fire off requests for information to any group he might hear of. Brochures pour into his Cambridge office, where he also runs a mailing list maintenance business.

He has published his information in Alternative America (1977, currently being revised) and in Resources, a periodic newsletter. Soon his files and source documents will be available to drop-in visitors.

Richard is willing to answer any first request for information at no charge. He once got a call from a man in Kansas who had a dispute with his landlord; Richard was able to give him the name of a local tenant pressure group.

He sells mailing lists on labels, in numerous subject categories, for 2 to 5 cents per address.

Contact Richard Gardner at Resources, #4 Hampshire Place, Cambridge, MA 02138. (617) 876-2789.

I would say something about how embarrassing this whole thing reads to me but I am never able to remember exactly how the word is spelled.

Simone drove Debbie home after her dream group. She called me at the office, saying, I'm going to stay here at Debbie's for awhile, and then I'll come home. It seemed a little odd at the time. Later she confessed that she had been home all the time. She was talking to Linda on the phone and didn't want me to interrupt them. She described it as a very nice talk.

From out of my past, ten years or more, comes Stuart Silverstone. He was in the architecture department at MIT. He had some connection with Warren Brodey and others. Somehow he got connected with the AAO when Otmar and Brooke were here in 1977. I don't remember seeing him at the time, but he was around. He and his wife Diane, and their daughter, Rebecca, eventually went to FH for three months. She had their second child there. I remember how she was criticized for being so lazy and acting like a queen. And finally they left because of difficulties living in the group and giving up their couple relationship. They have ended it now. I don't know for how long. Stuart lives with the Finders group in Washington.

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