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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tuesday, March 31, 1981 - the art show

Yesterday I had one of my best ideas. It is to have an art show at Gallery East. The art making up the show would come from the times we are together with other people and just doing things. Often in the evening we will just sit around together and do something, such as painting, drawing, collages, different things with clay, materials, and so on. Anything produced in this situation would be in the show. Duane, who runs the gallery, likes the idea very much. So does everyone else. Simone says she likes the idea but her enthusiasm seems wrinkled with resistance, that is it seems somewhat influenced by envy or jealousy. Its hard to put a finger on it.

Otherwise yesterday was not such a good day. I couldn't get up. Extremely tired. Not really depressed but unable to get going. Walking to the office and remembering how Simone has often said she hates Reagan and even once wanted me to kill him. Two hours later I hear the news about the attempted assassination. A lot of distress and anxiety. He's the President even if I don't like all that he does.

Feeling anxiety about nuclear war the last two or three days. Fantasies about what would happen to me if I were in various places around Boston if a bomb were dropped. Sometimes its about being blinded, crushed under a building, blown away by the blast, melting, wondering where Simone was, if she survived, how I could find her.

Difficulty getting going on my various personal projects. But I do notice that something is different about what I work on by myself and things done with other people. The art show

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