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Thursday, April 4, 2013

February 22, 1981 - the best orgasms

Another party last night. At Simone's house. 14 people showed up. We invited a lot more. Joe brought me over about 8:30. He got interested in Claire towards the end of the evening. About one in the morning he said goodbye, without looking at us, threw on his coat and left. Claire came into the front room and sat down with us. She and Joe had been in the kitchen. I asked her if she noticed anything about him just before he left. No, she said. I said that it was unusual for him to behave like that. Later I realized that his reaction was probably from having been rejected by Claire. He had probably asked to spend the night with her and she'd turned him down. George came about 9:30. He spent most of his time with Simone. She asked him if he was in love with her. Yes, he confessed. He also mentioned the article in the Whole Life Times to her three times, again! He seems to have some sort of fixation on me. I gave him some recent pages of my notes. Simone wondered if he would still like her after reading them. I said that if he didn't then he wasn't worth it. Jeff was there also. He managed to get himself in the conversation with Simone and George. He is still in love with Simone, but its harder for him to talk about it with others around. He had quite a time with her recently. It seems he took his pants down and showed her his dead penis. Look, he said, its completely dead. He can't get an erection with a woman. He paid $200 for two hours with a sex therapist, a two hour blow job, and he still didn't get hard. He is very depressed and feels that Simone is the only person he can really talk to. But he doesn't really try with many others. There were a few times on FH when it was difficult for me to get an erection, but never any other time. Simone tells me that I always seems to have an erection during the night. Sometimes she wakes up and likes to feel me. This morning it was especially true. I kept trying to wake her up but she had taken some pain killer for her tooth and it is also a sleeping pill. She finally woke up and we did something. Later she talked about how she has always had such wonderful orgasms with all the other men she's been with. Especially when she has been in love. Simone has just finished talking to Roberta on the phone. Gordon is with another woman today and she's feeling a little jealousy. This is a bit odd as she is avoiding anything more with Joe as she feels she must protect him (Gordon) from being rejected, or the threat of being rejected. Gordon can't seem to explain why he's with the other one except that she likes him a lot, and he doesn't see why he should disappoint her. So Roberta coyly tries to get Joe (and several other people) to have breakfast with her the next day.

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