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Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013 - high school horrors

In a dream last night I'm, once again, back in Cody, Wyoming, and, this time, high school. A senior attending some sort of class event. Inexplicably the class right behind us is holding the same senior year event. Go figure. Its a dream. Sometimes they are just dreams and make no sense. The event appears to be something like a combination of arts festival, dance/music event, game show, opportunity for vendors to sell food/goods. I wander back and forth between the senior and junior events. People look familiar. It has been said that all of life is just a continuation of how things were in high school. This dream feels as though I'll never get out.

All part of my current state of gloom and doom and still looking for a new place for me and Jasper to live.

Take a look at my Fresh Pond Reservation Calendars page.

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