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Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013 - back to a new future

This is last nights dream. I'm back in Cody, Wyoming, having never left for the East and the big city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. There's a big social gathering. We are all dressed western, cowboy hats, even me! My brothers are there and a couple of cousins, all male. We appear to be presenting ourselves to a couple hundred people. Eligible females are in a group and eyeing us. I'm referred to as the smart one. Somebody wants to argue global warming with me. I remind him of his grandfather and decades of notes about temperatures and weather and how they are in his own unique handwriting--which he knows well, and that the data is, thanks to me and his grandfather, on the internet. Argue with your grandfather, I tell him. More eyeings by the ladies and attempted matchups. There's a hint of someone interested in me. The others are more obvious. Then the phone rings in the next room. I am back from that alternative future.

Perhaps this comes from my current distress. Still no new place for me and Jasper to live. Watching a PBS/Nova special about the latest ideas in physics I am in despair about ever understanding it. Of course part of the despair is the lack of a resolution to my current predicament. Its one of those things that could be solved with money.

The PBS/Nova special about the latest in physics: The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space?

Also watched Earth From Space This two hour special presents the results of decades of satellites looking down on the Earth and recording changes in the surface--and under the surface!

And still more watched: Ancient Computer: Antikythera Mechanism

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