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Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 - search for the second Marathon bomber

For the last hour, here at my location in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there's been the almost continuous sound of circling helicopters just to the south. There are frequent sirens. Otherwise the neighborhood is very quiet. None of the usual bus traffic noises. Now the sound of a vehicle horn in the distance. My dog Jasper has noticed my distress and has refused to eat his usual breakfast treat and is lying at my feet. Why does that horn continue to sound?

Update, 1:33pm: the sound of sirens and helicopters has stopped. Then, for a brief moment, far away, for a few seconds, one siren. Then silence again.

Update, 1:36pm: sirens again, but closer. Very loud horn. Stopped.

Update, 1:45pm: completely silent. No sirens. No helicopters. Jasper still hasn't eaten his breakfast treat, still at my feet.

Update, 2:28: now quiet for almost an hour.

Update, 2:48: still quiet. A day care center a couple houses away now has children outside and playing. Maybe that means its over. Don't know for sure, but no kids outside till just a few minutes ago.

Update, 2:59: helicopters have returned...

Scene from the neighborhood:

3:14: helicopters continue circling..., sounds of children outside stopped.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Waco, Texas, siege, where about 80 members of the Branch Davidians died in a shootout with government forces.

3:22pm: helicopters, now overhead, and sirens again. Jasper and I leave for our daily walk around Fresh Pond Reservation, here in a very noisy Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The usual photos and videos on our return...

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