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Sunday, March 31, 2013

February 16, 1981 - not your father's dream tits

Two dreams last night about taking some pills for my cold. Its a real cold now, not just a sore throat and some coughing. Each dream was a question. Had I already taken one of the pills? Should I take another. Another kind of dream. About Lou, Sten's girlfriend from before FH. We were in a bedroom together. We got horny. She takes off some of her clothes. There are pimples all over her chest. She has almost no tits. We feel each other up a bit. The bedroom is off the corridor or hallway of an office. It seems to be Intermetrics, a place where I once worked. We are worried that people will see us going from room to room half naked. A second part of the dream has me with Brit. We are going to fuck but don't quite make it. More discussion about cats with Simone this morning. She asks Dana what he wants. Dana says he does not want to live with cats. He suggests we drown them. Sure, I say, a bag, a brick, a cat, and over the side of Harvard Bridge. She tries to con us. The are so friendly and sweet, she implores. Alchemy just loves to play with people. No deal. Now she wants a new couch. My recent influx of funds has set dollar signs to dancing in her eyes. But I am more inclined to get a blender, water purifier, or things like that. Maybe even a new washing machine. But a couch is not on my list. Some interesting changes in Dana's behavior. I talk about it with him over breakfast. He has become more withdrawn. Suzanne has become more uncertain of herself. Her movements are not as forceful and definite. She is a little more indefinite with eye contact, and her speech is also more uncertain. Last night it seemed as though she was going to stay the night. Then, suddenly, she was all anxious to be off. Simone thought it might have been because we were in the next room. Only the sliding doors separated us from them. Dana is going through some sort of struggle. Maybe living with her. Simone says it is my fantasy.

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