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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Sammlung Friedrichshof

From November 1978, through February 1990, I lived at the Friedrichshof Commune as an active participant and frequent visiter.

I've published a memoir that includes some of my time living on Friedrichshof. You can buy an e-version of that book for 99 cents here:

A Memoir About Art & Sex During the Regan Years

Here are some additional links to stories about the commune:

The price of free love It was set up as an antidote to materialism and sexual repression, but the world's most famous sex commune soon degenerated into a money-obsessed personality cult. Its leader was jailed for having sex with underage girls, yet the movement still survives.

Otto Muehl

Theo Altenber

From the Leopold Museum website

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