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Friday, October 16, 2009

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck picked up Don when he was hitchhiking in Cambridge one day late last December, 2008. You look like a famous movie star, Don remarked to him as Ben took him all the way to his destination.

Now he's gone and bought a house in the Boston area with his true love.

Ben and I met on May 10, 1990. It was at the front door of my house. He'd helped my mother carry her bags from his car to the front door. This is Ben, my mom said. Tall, dark, handsome, polite, he shook my hand. And was gone.

Later I would learn that his girlfriend at the time, my daughter, stayed in the car, declining to come in and meet me after 15+ years of no contact. But that's another story...

Update: about a month ago Ben and the Mrs were shopping at Whole Foods at the Fresh Pond Mall in Cambridge.

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